“One gender on its own cannot solve the problems of the world. The two genders coming together to serve humanity itself may have a chance.”

Mary Noble, Director & CEO, Feminenza

We believe there is a call for the feminine gender to learn and grow to meet what is needed now, to be open to the future, and to play its part in the next step of evolution and update of both genders.

Give a Girl a Chance is a Feminenza International global programme: To help women and girls searching for a better platform and better tools by which to proceed in life as and when possible, in any way or in any part of the world as membership and funding permits, by providing assistance in terms of support, education, and sisterhood.

Give a Girl a Chance provides small packages of financial assistance to those already qualified and dedicated NGOs devoted to the rescue of girls from FGM, those being forced into early marriage, to pay for the education of those affected, and to cover the cost of their rehabilitation.

Browse the Projects pages to see where we are already assisting. Choose a project that interests you, contact us if you wish to learn more about it, donate if you can.