Zachary Taylor Orphanage Update

Thanks to all of you who donated to the Emergency Relief Fundraising Drive for the Zachary Taylor Orphanage, the children now have some of the essential living requirements they lost in the dormitory fire.

Much love and gratitude to the donors has been expressed by the children and management of the Orphanage. The pictures tell the story…


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As there was a visit to Kenya already planned before the fire broke out, we will be visiting the Orphanage the first week of December to see the children and to account for the donations made possible by GGC’s loyal donors.

The reality is that there is still more fundraising to be done! Even though the children are no longer sleeping on the bare dirt floor of their classrooms, the next phase of this fundraiser is to rebuild the burned dormitories. The Orphanage management, along with local engineers and builders, have had the time now to assess the structural damage to the burned dormitories and have some preliminary bids to rebuild. We will keep you posted!

Together we’ve made a great start and on behalf of the Zachary Taylor Orphanage, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the many people who have so generously donated to this cause. You have brought smiles and hope to these young lives and it means the world to them that people from so far away really do care.