Zachary Taylor Orphanage: new dormitories needed

The next step towards improving the difficult situation for the children at the Orphanage will be the rebuilding of the dormitories. Give a Girl a Chance has decided to assist this year and is trying to raise the US$31,160 that is needed to build proper dormitories, which include separate washrooms for the girls and boys.

When the team was in Kisii in March and April, several meetings took place with the staff of Zachary Taylor to look at the requirements for rebuilding the dormitories and evaluate the accountability of the emergency funding. The emergency funding was handled to our great satisfaction, with every shilling properly accounted for, and an architect had already drawn up a plan for new dormitories. What is next, of course, is to raise the funds to start building! Many ideas are already on the go, but of course your help is more than welcome! A group of young people in Kenya have expressed their willingness to help as well, by using their skills as musicians and dancers to help raise funds in Nairobi, and the GGC team is working out a plan to make that happen.

The children in their burned-out dormitory
Structural damage
Seeing it for ourselves
The children sleeping in their classroom
The children's classroom/dormitory
Beds in the classroom, ready for sleeping