Update on Zachary Taylor

This year, Give a Girl a Chance is funding a year of schooling for 12 students at the Form 2 level as well as assisting five children to reseat their exams. While the younger children at the orphanage receive their education on-site, the older children must go to schools that charge tuition. This grant also funds the necessary school supplies, uniforms and transportation costs. Give a Girl a Chance is pleased to be able to support the children’s education, because it will help to give them the tools they need as adults to lead productive lives.

However, further assistance is needed, because there are other children at the orphanage who also need funding to begin their education in Form 1.

In addition we recently received word from Zachary Taylor that they have experienced a storm of high winds which destroyed the boys lavatory.

If you would like to make a donation to Zachary Taylor to help with the Form 1 children’s education or help to rebuild the boys lavatory, please click on the donation button.

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