Zachary Taylor Orphanage

Zachary Taylor Orphanage is a registered home for orphans and vulnerable children. It is mandated to offer proper child management through proper medication, housing, clothing and education.

The home has a total 165 children with 125 currently housed and 40 that attend daily from their guardian until the home gets enough accommodation to take them in.

The Zachary Taylor child and family programme was conceived in 2002 and registered in 2003 as community based self help project. It’s designed to support HIV/aids orphans and children who come from desperate and under privileged circumstances where they were not able to receive proper food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education. In Omogumo, near Kisii, where the home is situated, people were forced to work away from their homes as laborers at the Sony sugar factory and as farmers on Maasai land. After the tribal clashes of 1997 people returned home and infected their wives with diseases including HIV/AIDS. As a result, many families lost their breadwinners and the village experienced a tremendous increase in the number of orphans because many of their parents dying of AIDS.

This placed a heavy burden on the Omogumo community thereby worsening the existing condition of poverty. This situation had made the orphans, mostly girls, susceptible to forced early marriages, child labor, drug abuse, street begging or commercial sex with the associated health problems. This scenario has resulted in the disintegration of the family unit.

This is why the Zachary Taylor orphanage was created. It has created a safe circumstance in which many children are enjoying housing, meals, clothes and proper education.